West Wellington and Rosemount (clip #213)

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Quick Instructions:
Suggested Observations and Things To Look For
  • Cars turning right against the 'straight-green-arrow'
  • Failing to stop at stop-sign. Running reds.
  • Speeding (if you judge it faster than normal).
  • Cars mounting sidewalks, using pedestrian spaces, to get around other cars.
  • Bikes on sidewalks/crosswalks
  • Cars blocking crosswalks, bike lanes
  • Jaywalking; or crossing against the hand because the walk signal never goes on
  • Read the long instructions for more details or to contact the help team.
Optional but helpful: if you can note the "frame#" as well that's helpful.


Each traffic video clip is about a minute long, and shows one cycle of a traffic intersection. The clip starts at 10 seconds after one light went red, and runs until 10 seconds after the other light goes red. This makes it easier to see the most important part of the cycle: when both lights are red, and drivers do the riskiest things.

(If the videos were clipped at the moment both lights went red, then red-light running, etc, would be harder to 'see', since it would span two videos)

The community (you!) is being asked to crowdsource the data from each clip.

Use the 'observations' form to note problems. For example, common problems at this intersection include left-turning drivers who proceed immediately when the light turns green, drivers blocking the intersection, drivers who proceed into the intersection after the light has turned red, curb-hopping to get around left-turning cars, and bicycles on the sidewalk or running the red. It's important to objectively note all these, and any other problematic behaviour.

Some sample observations. It is literally any observation you have, in your own words. Contact kevino@kevino.net or @odonnell_k if you need help or have suggestions!